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On a recent Friday evening walk through downtown Vancouver we stopped by Picnurbia – Vancouver’s newest inhabitable public art installation designed by our friends over at the Loose Affiliates. As any Vancouverite will attest, when the weather turns sunny and summery we flock outdoors to take advantage of this far too short lived season. The are few places better in the world than Vancouver in the summer. After what seems like months of rain and a very fashionably late summer season Picnurbia arrived at just the right time. It is the perfect place to sit and soak in a summer night with the energy of the city buzzing around you. One of the things we loved about this piece was its ability to engage all sorts of passerbys. We saw young children log rolling over the brightly coloured yellow waves, older couples sitting on one of the benches enjoying an evening tea and tourists wondering ‘what the heck is this thing?’. Our group nestled into a curve to lounge and soak up the last minutes of a beautiful summer evening. The curves, soft turf and umbrellas were a great contrast to the lights and hard surfaces of the city. As we chatted away the evening, wave after wave of people walked by and climbed on to interact with this new, giant piece of lawn furniture. This piece does exactly what a piece of public art should. It got neighbours and strangers chatting with each other and gave people a taste of what great design can do to make our cities better.