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When we head to the cabin or camping, we have been known to pack up everything in the kitchen we can. We like to head out with our Bodum, mortar and pestal, zester, etc. You never know when you might need a little lemon zest while camping. One of the things we always miss having on weekend getaways is good wine glasses – which is why we were so excited to discover these go anywhere glasses by govino. These shatterproof glasses allow hobbyists to enjoy wine on the go (at the beach, pool, campsite, cabin) without worrying about broken glass. Even better yet this glassware does what any good stemware will – reflects colour and aromas. Having given ours their first summer test we were also pleasantly surprised that they gave off no taste or smell of plastic. In addition to the wine glass, they released a go anywhere champagne flute because any long weekend or weekend away should start with a glass of celebratory bubbly! Cheers to the labour day weekend!

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