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It is almost impossible for me to give an unbiased review of this wine as it has ranked among my favourite Pinot Gris (I would even venture favourite white wines) for close to a decade now.  There have been vintages that have been better than others, and even some that don’t live up to high expectations, but overall, this has been a remarkably consistant wine over that period and I still fine it to be one of the most unique Pinto Gris I have ever found.  There is something about the terroir on British Columbia’s Saltspring Island that creates a wildly original and delicious Pinot Gris.  Having had other Gris from Saltspring I would also suggest the winemakers at Garry Oaks have a few secrets they aren’t sharing as well.

The 2009 vintage, like many of my previous favourite vintages, is dominated by flavours of lemon zest and mineral notes, with underlying notes of pear and honey.  On the nose citrus.   This wine is incredibly well balanced with great acidity and a creamy mouthfeel that is almost unexpected from a wine with flavour profile.

We’ve paired this wine with many things over the years, but our all-time favourite has to be fresh Saltspring dungeness crab (preferably cooked in a banged-up pot in a small cabin on Saltspring Island, but we’re sure it tastes great with crab cooked other ways too).  This is also an ideal pre-dinner wine served with appetizers - it pairs well with most strong cheeses and anything with smoked salmon is a guaranteed success.  For your listening pleasure, we recommend something introspective with, but wildly original… tonight it is going down exceptionally well by the fire with a little of Ryan Adam’s classic Heartbreaker.

$24         9.5/10.0