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For us Mini Hobbyists, there is nothing greater than a room full of pillows. Combine our free imagination with the ability to bounce and fall without pain and there are endless possibilities. Some of our favourite days are spent on the couch building pillow forts. Now, imagine bringing those traditional forts into the modern era with these additions.

D-light Huggable

Powered by four AA batteries and lasting for four hours, these pillows could provide a spooky aura when older kids are telling ghost stories or a warm light for younger hobbyists who are not fond of the dark. Imagine having your sleepover highlighted with an ambient glow for midnight snacks. The pillows also provide an interesting talking point when Mum and Dad’s friends come over for dinner.

Fruit iPod Speakers

On top of ambient lighting, of course, any modern pillow fort needs music! Now imagine that music is being pumped through pillows shaped like your favourite fruit. Soothing sounds for those sleepy moments or something a bit more up tempo for those day time forts! Really get the party going. Us Mini Hobbyists love to pump some Vampire Weekend through these pillows.