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Wow. This is some pretty fantastic stuff. We had very high hopes for this Riesling from Coal River Valley, Tasmania given that (1) we have been extremely impressed by most Tazy wines we have tried (especially the delicious Pinot Noirs) and (2) dry and off-dry Rieslings are among our absolute favourite whites. We were hoping the the combination of these factors – and Tazy’s general success with cool climate varietals – would yield something pretty special and Pressing Matters somehow managed to not only meet but wildly exceed our high expectations.

It make sense that Pressing Matters would know how to handle Riesling as they produce exclusively Rieslings and Pinot Noirs, including four different styles of Riesling – bone dry (R0), dry (R9), medium-sweet (R69) and sweet (R139) (the numbers in the name of each wine correspond to the residual sugar levels in each).

On the nose this immediately hits you with that classic sweet petrol note, but also has a delicate, almost floral, freshness and hints of pear. Great balance with the wonderfully oily mouth feel that good Rieslings have. On the palate, the few years of bottle age have allowed this to develop some very nice complexities. Flavours of crisp green apple, lime and pink grapefruit are predominate, with a hint of apricot and a nice streak of minerality that runs through it. The finish on this just keeps on going with hints of that green apple and orange zest.

We had this with a delicious creamy cauliflower and blue cheese soup and cornbread, but its crisp acidity would cut through any rich dishes very nicely – creamy pasta sauces, seafood risottos and Indian dishes all come to mind.

9.5/10.0 AUS$29

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