This guide is an ever growing list of suggestions for visiting the Emerald City. Check back often as we continue to add to


SAM – Seattle Art Museum


Seattle Public Library
Olympic Scultpure Park
Chapel of St. Ignatius


Pike’s Brewery – check out our last review.


Macrina Bakery – Voted one of the ‘Top 10 Bread Bakeries in America’ by Bon Appetit in January 2011. We highly recommend a visit to the Belltown Cafe for brunch or lunch on your way to Olympic Sculpture Park.

There are three locations:

Belltown Cafe • 2408 1st Ave • 206.448.4032
McGraw Cafe • 615 West McGraw Street • 206.283.5900
SODO Bakery • 1943 First Ave S • 206.623.0919

Palace Restaurant




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