Parallel 49 Brewing Company : Seedspitter Watermelon Wit


No melons were harmed in the making of this photo. Though we did get some funny looks at the grocery store…

A Battle of Wits? To the Death? I Accept!

Ooooooor how about we just have a beer. Then talk about it. Wit-death-battles just seem a little over the edge, but hey, I suppose it worked out for Westley… still. Let’s stick with beer.

Introducing one of the newest additions to the Lower Mainland Craft Brewing scene, Ladies & Gentlemen!  (insert drum roll) ….. Parallel 49 Brewing Company! (cymbal splash!). Right here in East Vancouver, practically in their own backyard according to their story, the boys from St. Augustine’s, who already hold title as one of the esteemed craft beer bars in town, have done something else that so many of us dream of.  They started a brewery.

Mingled in with their initial trifecta of core brews, an India Pale Larger, a “Classic Ale” and a Ruby Ale, we find Seedspitter Watermelon Wit, a curious conglomeration of Belgian-style Witbier with a summer-synonymous sweet snack, the watermelon.  The first thing we notice about this beer, and all of their beers, is the playful, carnival-style artwork, pretty cool!  Excited to see what a watermelon beer is all about, we pour, and sure enough, this beer has all the looks of a Wit – cloudy, yellow-orange in colour, a quickly dissipating head and a nose full of citrus orange and coriander.

Every time we try to explain the flavor of this beer, we get stuck on “lively and bright”.  It goes down nicely clean, refreshing, with bright wheat malts, a little lemony zip and slight astringency met well with a little sweetness, but not stickily sweet as you might think from a watermelon beer.  We sessioned this beer one night with a buddy, and even at the end of our 6 we found the crisp, balanced sweetness enjoyable.  Similarly, the watermelon flavor is nicely subtle, coming to the fore as you get to the middle of the body and on into the finish.  This beer really is like a watermelon, thirst-quenching, not too sweet and perfect on a hot summer’s day.

With the carnival-style art, we can’t help but think the character on the bottle would be a performer, some sort of seed-spitting phenom.  He’d have to be pretty good though to beat the current world record, which depending on your source (we couldn’t find it in the online GBoWR’s) is either almost a full 69 feet, or an astonishing 75 feet!!  That’s nearly 100 SeedSpitter bottles laid end-to-end, or, like some infinitesimally small percentage of the distance to the moon (roughly 2.9729061227596179458883519159785 x 10-6% if you must know…).

Anywho (nerd over).  Parallel 49 – check ‘em out!  Definitely keep an eye out for future posts on their other creations!

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