Hoyne Brewing Co. : Down Easy Pale Ale

Photo: Craig Kalnin

Foghat who? Yeah, we had no idea either.  We’re dating ourselves a bit, so preemptive apologies to everyone who was around in the 70’s, but these guys seem right in the wheelhouse of some of the epic Hippie blues-rock culture of that decade.  Hoyne on the other hand, is a name you should remember.  And unlike the next time you’re at a “name that tune” contest and you hear yourself saying “Slow Ride was Foghat? Who are they?” (you won’t now though, you’re welcome) you should also remember that Hoyne brews Down Easy Pale Ale.

Filling the glass, lively bubbles seem to pause to swim happily around in this slightly opaque, warm summer-afternoon sun coloured ale before rising to form a short, creamy head.  They don’t care if you’re waiting, they’re having fun, and frankly, they’re worth waiting for.  We are greeted with molasses, brown-sugar and malty sweetness, but not cloying, nicely balanced with smooth floral & brisk bitter citrus, clear evidence of the Cascade & Tettnanger hop varietals employed in the beer.  The flavour delivers again on the malty sweet notes but are nicely cut with a citrusy bitter finish with just rumours of a refreshing sour edge (in a good way).  The flavor balance in this beer reminds us of an English muffin, toasted, buttered and then dolloped with a great edgy marmalade.

As we were starting to suspect when we first reviewed Hoyne’s Devils’ Dream IPA, Down Easy is another winner from brewmaster Sean Hoyne and company; well balanced, darned tasty and like BBQ sauces, there’s always a few in our fridge.  The sweeter start transitioning to crisp bitter finish makes this an incredibly drinkable, lazy summer afternoon beer, or as we Vancouverites are prone to, great beer to drink while we complain about when summer is actually going to get here…

While not legally entitled to say one way or another, we’re pretty sure Foghat would like this beer.  If nothing else, their biggest hit seems written just for sitting around and enjoying a nice cold Down Easy, it’s, like, a way early theme song man.

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