Phillips Brewing Company : Blue Buck


Photo: Craig Kalnin

We’ve done some crazy (awesome) posts the last little while; 5-year old cellared beers, limited releases, one-offs, wild bottlings and “pretty much can’t get them outside of a tiny little town in Belgium” beers.  So we thought it might be time to bring ourselves back down to earth a touch, and find something a little more mainstream and readily available (yet still awesome) to review.

<insert Blue Buck here>

Searching for wedding venues several years past, we’d finally found the place; everything was perfect and our better half was looking for the sign that this was really it. As we pondered and wandered, we “happened” to find our way into their bar. “What have you got on tap?” Our ears perked up when the words “Blue Buck” came out – draught Blue Buck at the wedding?  Sold.

Now we’re not suggesting that on-tap beer selection is necessarily the best way to convince your wife-to-be on a wedding venue… come to think of it, it’s probably a bad idea.  But hey, with summer wedding season just around the corner, these are important things to consider. We mean beer. If you are getting married this summer and have yet to book a venue… good luck, you’re hooped!

<insert panic sweats here>

This beer hits the glass coppery-bronze and builds a small head that dissipates relatively quickly.  Once poured, it pronounces all sorts of baking, bready, malty sweetness, some molasses and maybe even a touch of tart granny smith apples.  In tasting we find a very subtle upfront lemony zip, light lively flavours, less malt than the nose indicates but a touch of sweetness and an overall finish that’s crisp like a sax hit from The News.  Definitely an easy-drinking beer that we’re happy to have in our fridge.

A note worth mentioning about Phillips: if Blue Buck isn’t your style, they’re bound to have something that is.  The crew at Phillips has always got a ton of interesting stuff on the go, and their “Beers of the Past” section (accessible through a flux capacitor that just happens to be lying around in the fridge – I mean, who doesn’t have their spare tucked away in the fridge for safe keeping…) has a plethora of “Vintage Beers” that come and go on occasion – certainly things to watch out for!

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