Hoyne Brewing Co: Devil’s Dream IPA




Victoria arguably the epicentre of the British Colombia craft beer scene. They already have more than their fair share of the best pubs and breweries this fine Province has to offer. Relative new comer Hoyne Brewing Co. is only going to improve that reputation. Brewmaster and namesake, Sean Hoyne has been around the Victoria brewing scene for a long time (since 1989 their website informs us) so he has definitely earned his stripes and honed his art. That expertise shows in this brew.

The beer pours a dark amber colour with a good white head. There is a dominant piney hop smell, a fresh profile with a bit of citrus lurking around in the back. The beer feels quite light despite its strength and colour. There is a definite hop bitterness but this is balanced with a good malt profile that adds some caramel sweetness. The carbonation leaves it feeling light on the tongue.

The IPA is quickly becoming the benchmark by which every new craft brewery is being measured. If this beer is anything to go by, then Hoyne will be one to watch. Their Dark Matter should be dropping at the usual spots sometime this week.So where does this beer sit in the end? It’s good easy drinking for any hop head. The first bottle was good enough to fit it into our regular rotation (while supplies are available. It’s a solid IPA and doesn’t look out of place among the other Victoria locals!


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