That this beer was good really came as no surprise, we Hobbyists are big fans of the other beers in Central City Brewing’s Red Racer line and the ESB has won a number of awards (including Gold at last years BC Beer awards among others).  We were expecting something good.  That it quickly usurped a number of incumbents (their IPA, Tree’s Hop Head) as our go-to six-pack did come as a surprise.

Pour it into a glass and the beer has a nice deep amber colour.  It is well carbonated which allows for a generous white  head and a lighter taste than the style would usually lend itself to.  On initial tasting, you are hit by the crystalline hoppiness but this quickly melts away with malty and caramel flavours.  Your mouth is left feeling dry and refreshed.

What really makes this beer a great six pack though is not captured by its (great) taste but by its universal appeal.  It’s bitter enough for the hop heads but light enough for the pale ale fans.  Its heavy enough for a cold evening in front of the fire but light enough for a hot summer afternoon on the patio.  Its great to share with friends (you have six of them) or drink by yourself (sometimes you want six of them).  Best of all, at $13 for a six pack (from the government Liquor Store, plus taxes) is pretty darn reasonable.

We paired ours with some nice grilled meats accompanied by a cous cous and chick pea salad.  It went down a treat.  Show up at a party with some, it will be a hit.

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