One of our favorite pastimes at the hobbyists is traveling. While we are in the process of developing the hobbyist travel guides for some of our favorite places – one of the things we rely on when planning a trip is the wallpaper guides. For art and design lovers they are a Cole’s Notes to a city’s must sees. They are particularly great for last minute trips or for hobbyists whose work/hobby balance doesn’t leave time for intensive trip planning. While they won’t cover everything, they give you the low-down on a city in a format you can quickly digest on the plane. They recently introduced apps for some of their most popular guides which are a great way to travel around the city with guide book in hand. If you get lost they have the added feature of a GPS system to map where you are and where you are trying to go. The apps also allow you to add the places you want to visit to your contacts so you have quick access to addresses and phone numbers. The guides provide overviews of neighbourhoods to help you plan your days of hobbying away from home and a 24 hour guide if your time is limited.

In addition to major arts, architecture and culture references they are a great place to start your search for hotels. We like that they provide a range of hotels from high-end, break the bank to low cost – all the while focusing their radar on unique, high design spaces. It turned us on to the great value Mama Shelter in Paris before it was named the 2nd best hotel in the world . We will be staying there next month so stay tuned for a more detailed review. If you are planning a summer vacation be sure to check out the wallpaper guides to see if they have your destination covered. You are sure to find a few tips for your favorite hobby that you didn’t know about!

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